Dear Colleagues! In our B2B online booking system, which is designed with all the modern requirements, you can book hotels in contract, services, excursions in Ukraine. Most prices with instant confirmation.

1. Registration

All prices and booking are available to registered users only. To start cooperation complete a simple registration. Upon receipt of your information, we will activate access to the system and you can get started.

2. Agency agreement

3. Booking hotels, transfers, medical insurance

  • Hotel reservation in Ukraine with instant confirmation of rooms. We have direct contracts with many hotels and hotel chains, as well as integrated with the largest providers of hotel content. The system allows you to choose a hotel by stars, type of food, hotel location on the map.
  • Transfer reservations are available in all major cities of Ukraine.
  • Medical insurance - coverage Ukraine. Insurance programs are intended for foreign citizens, guests of Ukraine. They include several levels of risk. 

4. Cancellation policy

All fines arising from the cancellation of tours are charged by the service providers. In this regard, there are simple cancellation scheme different types of services which are carried out in the agent area:

Hotels Cancellation of hotels booked through the online system is subject to hotel policy. This information is available at time of reservation and is open.
Airtickets Cancellation of tickets for regular flights is made in accordance with the fare rule set by the airline. Please check this information when booking your ticket.
Transfers Transfer cancellation without penalty is available for 24 hours before it starts.
Insurance Cancellation of insurance is possible 1 working day before the start date.
  • All staff cancellations are processed during business hours.
  • Due to objective reasons it is impossible to implement a tourist trip (illness, death, etc.), service providers can go to a meeting on the issue of minimizing penalties. These issues are dealt with on an individual basis, in the presence of relevant documents.