Welness and healing programs

Men's health Mirotel Resort&SPA Truskavets 

Especially for the strong half of humanity, Mirotel Resort & Spa has developed the "MEN'S HEALTH" program
The basis of the wellness program for men is the use of an innovative method of functional magnetic stimulation on the Tesla Former armchair. The Tesla Former armchair deals with all issues of the men’s genitourinary system, and is especially recommended after 40 years.
With the help of a magnetic field, the device acts on all muscle fibers: from the superficial to the deepest.
When working out, stagnant processes in the pelvis are eliminated, resuming blood flow to the pelvic organs.
This allows us to normalize all the natural functions of our body.
Treatment and prevention with the Tesla Former device allows you to eliminate and prevent a number of diseases in the field of urology and proctology.
As a result of the treatment or prevention of one issue, we improve the work of all natural body functions.
A man receives a bonus for a longer sexual intercourse and qualitative changes in sensations during intimacy.
The program is designed for 7-10-14 days.
Wellness Samoylenko&Mirotel Detox & slimming program Mirotel Resort&SPA Truskavets

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new weight loss program at Mirotel Resort & Spa - Wellness Samoylenko & Mirotel, which is designed for 7-10-14 days and is a set of therapeutic and diagnostic measures aimed at restoring and rejuvenating the body in harmony with nature.

The programs are supervised by specialists of the Medical Center «Med Palace» and medical support of doctors from the Samoylenko Clinic.
The program includes:

balanced diet from doctors of the Samoylenko clinic;
laboratory and instrumental research, consultations, balneotherapy and drinking regime of Truskavets mineral waters;
SPA procedures (for general recovery of the body, activation of metabolic processes). The active components of SPA treatments have draining properties, which helps cleanse the body of toxins and products of cellular metabolism.
The method used by the doctors of the Samoylenko Nutrition Clinic had been being developed by the founder of the Samoylenko Clinic for 20 years.
It is based on three foundations:

Study of medical indicators of the patient's health. Doctors diagnose all types of metabolism according to laboratory parameters. The ratio of protein, carbohydrates and fats is taken into account so that the body receives all the elements necessary for health. Operative medical support for adjustment of food techniques is carried out.
Adjustment of the patient's diet - the rhythm of metabolism (metabolism) is set with the help of the correct regime and the size of food stimulation (portions of food). Doctors work with 3 and 5 meals a day. The task of the technique is to reduce the level of insulin to the starting point.
Biorhythmics of nutrition - the correct distribution of products during the day and compliance with the rules of the equator. Such rules of behavior with food are dictated by hormones, namely - insulin. With food, we affect hormones, and hormones, in turn, affect the regulation of metabolism.
Therefore, with the care of its guests, Mirotel Resort & Spa together with the clinic of Natalia Samoylenko offer Wellness as a certain lifestyle, combining rest, health and care for appearance.
Post-COVID19 Recovery Program 7 days Mirotel Resort&SPA Truskavets

Rehabilitation after disease on COVID19 is required.
A person who has been discharged from the
hospital or who has received treatment at home
is not yet fully healthy. The next step is to go through the course of rehabilitation, the course of final recovery and social adaptation. Thus, the specialists of the Medical Center "Med Palace" have developed a special program that includes various recovery procedures for the body, which will help to improve health, restore the psychological state and restore the working capacity of guests.
Included : LABORATORY RESEARCH Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (COVID19) IgG, ELIS 1
Capillary complete blood counts  1
Urinalysis 1
Capillary blood glucose 1
complex ultrasound diagnostics 1
Mineral bath + aromatherapy "Pinimenthol" 7
Speleotherapy 7
Oxygen cocktail 7
Singlet Oxygen Therapy 7
Laser therapy  7
Exercise therapy (Respiratory - drainage treatment by Balinina) 7
Medical massage 60 minutes 7
Ozone therapy 7

Post-COVID19 System Reabilitation program 14 days in Rixos Prykarpattya

In package included: Supervision of the attending physician 4 Diagnostics 1 Psychotherapist consultation 1 Nutritionist consultation 1 Complete blood analisys (formula) 1 Biochemical blood test (16 indicators) 1 General urine analysis with microscopy 3 C-reactive protein 1 Potassium 1 Sodium 1 Calcium 1 Iron 1 Magnesium 1
Coagulorama 2 D-dimer 1 Immunoglobulin G blood (Covid-19) 1 Vitamin D 1 spirometry 2 pulse oximetry 1 Electrocardiography (ECG) 1 Echocardiography 1 Reception of medicinal mineral waters 1 speleotherapy 1 Oxygen therapy 1 Revitalizing back massage 1 Aroma bath or carbonic bath 1 UHF on the chest 1 Peiler Chest Therapy 1

Mayr therapy in Rixos Prykarpattya

Principles of Therapy Dr. Mayr’s therapy is based on cleansing the intestines from accumulated waste and toxins, as well as rest for the digestive system and the entire body. Unburdening dietary nutrition reduces stress and activates the motility of the intestinal walls. It promotes natural cleansing and detoxification. Rest, calm, lack of stress, easy movements, and moderate aerobic physical activity create the conditions for the regeneration and restoration of the intestine. Visceral massage of the abdominal organs enhances the therapeutic effect, improves blood circulation and promotes the lymphatic outflow. In the course of treatment, patients learn important rules and principles of nutrition. Habits are developed to preserve the results of therapy.

Complex program "Reyuvenation after COVID-19"
in Lisova Pisnya Truskavets


INCLUDED: accommodation in spacious and
comfortable apartments; three times a day, high-quality, thoughtful and tasty meals (buffet) passing the comprehensive program "Recovery from COVID-19": Initial, repeated and final appointments with a general practitioner.
Diagnostic procedures:
General detailed blood test. Blood sugar. D-dimer. Ultrasound diagnostics of the abdominal organs. Electrocardiography. Consultations of related specialists: Gynecologist. Urologist. Endocrinologist.
Healing procedures: Therapeutic chest massage. Mineral baths. Circular shower. Ozokerite therapy. Physiotherapy. Electrotherapy. Inhalation - "Silver Drop". Speleotherapy. Singlet oxygen therapy. Internal intake of Naftusya mineral water. Phytokisneva foam. Wellness procedures: Physiotherapy. Swimming pool visit (1 hour / day). Walking terrenkura (along one of the developed routes) located in a huge forest-park area adjacent to the hotel.